Our Story

Hi! We are Colby and Amanda Taylor and we love engaged couples! 

We have been married for 14 years and we have 6 kids. Amanda owns a wedding planning company and I have been in full time ministry working for Young Life for 10 years and Life.Church for 5 years. 

Through Amanda's experience planning weddings, and my experience officiating weddings, we have spent A LOT of time with engaged couples. And one thing we are passionate about is shifting the focus from the WEDDING to the MARRIAGE. 

We created The Engaged Event, which is a one day event that exists to help couples plan a MARRIAGE more beautiful than their WEDDING. The event started in Edmond, Oklahoma and is now scheduled for Wichita, Kansas, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Dallas, Texas and beyond. 

Beyond The Engaged Event, we have engaged couples over to our house every Wednesday. We spend these nights talking about what they are going through and diving deeper into marriage topics that will help them while they are engaged. Finances, love languages, communication, conflict resolution and more. 

The Engaged Box is the subscription box you didn't know you needed. It is FUN and INTENTIONAL. The goal is to give you a break from WEDDING planning and go on a fun date and talk about MARRIAGE planning. The date boxes include really fun and unique ideas, along with really intentional resources to help you in your upcoming marriage. 

Tag us on Instagram with your date box! @theengagedbox #theengagedbox

Happy Marriage Planning!

Love, Colby and Amanda